MTR Corporation is recognised as one of the best performing and highest quality rail operators in the world. Our aspiration is to be a leading multinational company with a vision to connect and grow communities with caring service.

Today, from its starting base in Hong Kong, the Corporation has expanded into the Mainland of China and taken on a range of railway-related projects and operations internationally. In the Mainland of China, the Corporation has been involved in the construction of and now operates Beijing Metro Line 4 and Line 14, Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line) and Hangzhou Metro Line 1. MTR Corporation also operates and manages Melbourne Metro in Australia and in September 2014, the Northwest Rapid Transit Consortium, of which the Corporation is a shareholder, was awarded the Operations, Trains and Systems Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract for the Sydney Metro Northwest project in Sydney. In February 2015, Beijing MTR Corporation Limited, of which we are a shareholder, initialled the Concession Agreement for Beijing Metro Line 16 and it will participate in the investment, operations and maintenance of this new line under PPP. 

MTR Europe’s head office is based in London – contact details