MTR wins awards across the board as it looks back on year of success

MTR Corporation is celebrating a record number of international awards in 2017, which recognised MTR for technical expertise, HR, marketing, digital excellence and more. Across the wide range of MTR’s recognition, two reoccurring themes shone through: high customer satisfaction and extensive staff empowerment.

MTR’s high levels of customer satisfaction were recognised both in the UK and beyond. For its operations in London, MTR was presented with the Golden and Silver Whistles for its “outstanding operating team” on TfL Rail, the section of the Crossrail concession currently operating between Liverpool Street and Shenfield. TfL Rail is one of the most punctual and highest quality train services in the UK, with 96% of trains on time.

Another award came from one of Hong Kong’s largest newspapers, Sing Tao Daily, which praised MTR’s “high-quality services” and outstanding operational performance as MTR recorded 99.9% punctuality on the Hong Kong Metro last year.  

MTR’s operations in Sweden have a similar success story. Last year MTR Express was named the number one passenger rail operator by the Swedish quality index, and it was also revealed that the newly opened Citybanan route under Stockholm had surpassed its punctuality target, reaching a total of 98.6% in its first month of operation.

The investment in MTR’s employees was also a clear theme of the award wins, with organisations such as the Vocational Training Council awarding MTR’s long-term commitment to investing in vocational apprenticeships, graduate trainee programmes and life skills. Others, including the Hong Kong Management Association, awarded MTR’s endorsement of innovation from its staff through classroom training, game-based learning and mobile learning.

Outside of customer satisfaction and staff empowerment, MTR won over 50 other rail-related awards in 2017 including:

  • Finance Asia declared MTR the Best Managed Company in the Transport sector in Asia’s Best Companies 2017.
  • MTR’s Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train was honoured for its excellent services and has won the “Golden Cup Award” for a third consecutive time from the China Media Network.
  • MTR’s “Top Tier” property management was recognised by the Hong Kong Economic Times for providing “consistently high service standards” in both its stations and malls.

This year’s record demonstrates the constant improvement that MTR Corporation strives for. Already, MTR is bringing this momentum into 2018, having been named ‘Asia Pacific Digital Transformer of the Year’ at the International Data Corporation.

Jeremy Long, CEO European Business, MTR Corporation, said:

“MTR continues to build on its track record of world-class operations and project delivery, which was testified by the range and number of awards won in 2017. We are pleased that our efforts have been recognised, and we will continue to bring this award-winning expertise to our existing operations and future business development projects, across the UK and Nordic regions.”